AirGap Wallet Exchange feature

I have not tried this yet, but Air Gap Wallet shows you can do an exchange within the AirGap Wallet app. On their website it shows support for AE(erc 20) tokens BUT does not say it supports exchange feature for AE (migrated to mainnet). Anyone know if this feature works for AE?


No, you currently cannot swap AE mainnet tokens with AirGap.

For our swap/exchange feature we rely on a third party provider, specifically changelly. Sadly changelly does not support AE mainnet tokens. As soon as they add support for it, the feature will be available in AirGap as well :).

The swap / migration is available next week via and there is a video explaining the process here:

I tried using AirGap today to send AE Mainnet tokens to an exchange. However AirGap Vault (on a second offline device) isn’t working. After I scan the transaction code from AirGap Wallet, it won’t let me sign the transaction. I press the sign button and nothing happens.

Any help appreciated.