Hello everyone,

Have you heard already about the new podcast BLOCKCHAIN FROM THE BLOCK?

It explores all aspects of the blockchain technology and is co-hosted by æternity Ventures’ Luka Sucic!

If you want to get weekly short and precise updates about the sector, be sure to check it out :slight_smile:

The second episode is now available and you can find it here:

Do you like it?


Mind you this is targeted at beginners. At least the first season :slight_smile: later we digg deeper


Thank you @Luka, it’s quite interesting :slight_smile:
Can you reveal what topics are to be discussed in the coming episodes?


It’s a suprise :)) nah… :slight_smile: well we are going to explain POW/POS some others, then take a look at state chanells and oracles, then explain dapps and revolutionary nature of decentralization, immutability and censorship resistance. Then go trough some of the existing usecases in the balkans.


Great, can’t wait :star_struck: especially for the Balkan examples!


Great work guys! Keep them coming! :slight_smile:


:zap::zap::raised_hands: The third episode is here! :raised_hands::zap::zap:

This time @Luka and his partner from Netokracija talk about smart contracts!

Learn how we may use smart contracts to automate many processes that are now slow operating, expensive and time-consuming.



And again to remind everyone this is for total begginers :slight_smile: dont judge harshly


I think it’s super useful - you are just giving everyday use-cases of blockchain and in this case - smart contracts :slight_smile: Thank you @Luka


It’s Friday and we have another interesting episode of Blockchain From the Block podcast :slight_smile:

This time @Luka tells us more about how he stumbled upon blockchain and why he stayed in the industry!

The podcast is now available on Spotify and iTunes as well :slight_smile:



Hello everyone,

The weekend is behind the corner and the newest episode of the Blockchain From the Block podcast is here! :slight_smile:

Finally, @Luka is telling us more about the Balkan blockchain scene and what’s the state of affairs in each country in the region!

Learn which are the main conferences and events in the region you must attend and which local governments try to regulate the space: