Can the Ae team announce a new roadmap?

Can the Ae team announce a new roadmap?
When will new chain be released?
We are the ae holders we want to know about it


Hello @tietoujiucai please, take a look here AETERNITY ROADMAP and RELEASE SCHEDULE Q4 2020 / Q1 2021


Do we know if the schedules for Release 6.0 and Release 6.1 are being maintained? Will there be advertisement of the Hyperchain network possibilities to follow?

Follow the releases here and yes regarding the Hyperchains, we already wrote about it, and planning AMA, podcast and educational articles ATM. If you have some idea - please, tell us about it here!


Thanks, @aniputapet.chain - how does this sound? :slight_smile: Hyperchains Ideas

P.S. I saw the schedule you linked when it was announced - the question I had was regarding being curious - are things progressing with speed to make it still likely to be met? I’ve not seen that anywhere.


Nice nice nice! :)))