How to access my wallet

Hi, I bought some AE tokens back in May 2017 and I want to cash these out (transfer them to another wallet). But I don’t actually know how.
This is what i own:

Please advise, very confused here.

Hi @zizou

These are AE ERC20 tokens you have which means you can either transfer them to a wallet that supports the AE ERC20 token or migrate them to receive AE Mainnet tokens.

The æternity Mainnet was launched in November 2018 and we are currently in the second phase of AE token migration. Learn more about the migration below:

Bear in mind that if you migrate now, your tokens will be locked until the next hard fork - scheduled for May 2019.

After you access them you’ll be able to trade them on exchanges that support the Mainnet token only - you can find them here:

Let us know if you have questions,

Thanks Albena. So how exactly do I go about migrating them?

If I don’t migrate and do nothing until after the hard fork, what can i do then? How would I actually transfer them to another wallet? All I have is the address and the pass phrase.

Thanks again

So what do you want to do with them - trade, exchange for fiat or migrate them to Mainnet tokens?

For the first two options, you should go to an exchange.

On the other hand, if you migrate them, you can use the Mainnet tokens on the æternity blockchain - start a state channel, or an oracle, use the Tipping Bot in Telegram:

Hi there,

I have a very similar situation I believe. What do you recommend?


Hey @robindelange, please give us some more details - what’s the issue exactly?