Problem with Token Migration


I bought some AE tokens 3 years ago and ran into a problem when migrating my tokens from ERC-20 to AE today. An “Invalid Date” error happened during the procedure and 0 tokens were migrated. However, when I am trying to run the procedure again, it says that “the balance has already been migrated”. I downloaded the PDF file to prove this error. Can anyone help?

Thank you in advance!

I think due to the contract being used back in the ICO, the tokens are locked in the ERC-20 contract. I summon @nikitafuchs.chain to help you.

Hey, did you try this tool ?

Yes, it is the tool I used and which generated an “Invalid date” error as output. Can I maybe share the PDF with you so that you can have a look at the problem?

Hi !!
just in case it is useful

Thank you for the link. Once again, I followed this exact procedure but it outputted an error and my tokens were not transferred to the desired AE address. At the moment, I lost access to all my tokens as they never arrived to the desired AE address and I cannot repeat the procedure!

If I had gotten $1 everytime someone claimed “I lost all my tokens” I’d be a rich man…

If you provide the Ethereum address were you had your tokens we can check the status of your migration.


Your tokens are not lost at any time, don’t worry :slight_smile: The migration process works in a way now that there is some thing like a snapshot of your old balance in the ethereum contract, available on aeternity. If you had any tokens on ethereum, you will get them on aeternity.

I know that my tokens are probably not lost, but it is not a very good feeling to have lost access temporarily :grimacing:
Here is the output of the token migration tool:
Here is the used Ethereum address:
Thank you for your help!

OK, let’s see. The first link says “You have successfully migrated your AE tokens to Mainnet.” - sounds promising, and the tokens were migrated to ak_kPmNNeggffuR9CVQBQ72KgrjJ3zd8SRPCyF6rStgWW4qbaFTy. (The migrated amount of 0.0 AE looks a bit less promising, but let’s stay positive!)

Let’s check the status of 0x725c7ff5d63254482b27c3a1823ac42541af0d58 at the token migration status page - it says that the tokens were indeed migrated, and the amount is roughly 1390 AE. The migration took place in transaction th_223wxMoGbxu55vQiFZvSmEgnGX45XREwphAdK5EAA5MwD3BKKV at height 265686.

Now let’s check the receiving account ak_kPmNNeggffuR9CVQBQ72KgrjJ3zd8SRPCyF6rStgWW4qbaFTy - it doesn’t list the token migration itself (since it happened inside a contract) but there is one transaction listed, that transfer roughly 1390 AE out of the account at height 265704 - so it seems plausible that the account indeed received the migrated tokens.

Finally I can ask my node about the balance change of ak_kPmNNeggffuR9CVQBQ72KgrjJ3zd8SRPCyF6rStgWW4qbaFTy at height 265686:

([email protected])33> BalanceDiff(265686, <<"ak_kPmNNeggffuR9CVQBQ72KgrjJ3zd8SRPCyF6rStgWW4qbaFTy">>).         

It received the correct amount at this height, so to me it seems that the migration was successful.