[Rejected] Proposal to streamline bounties payment

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Status: Rejected on 2.07.2020

Last updated: 15.06.2020

Submited by Alex Casas
E-Mail [email protected]

Team: Ecosystem dev

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Planned Delivery: July

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Community Growth

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Streamlining bounty payments


Alex from the Ecosystem dev team

Value Application

We are upgrading the æmbassador program to include more activities actioning different leverages for the æcosystem growth . Please find enclosed in pdf the description of the new program and the first set of bounties published.

In this new framework we would like to streamline the payment of bounties to the æmbassadors while maintaining the internal procedures and standards of the Foundation. This will have a positive impact in æmbassadors satisfaction and engagement with the program.

Definition of Terms

The basics of this proposal is to count on the estimated monthly budget in AE tokens by the end of month n , so in the second week of month n+1 the disbursement of the bounties can be done, once the required proof of actions and requirements for each bounty claim have been assessed. Immediately after, the foundation will receive the supporting documentation and transactions to justify the use of the budget made available at the end of month n. See please following table with the proposed process.

Timeframe Action Supporting doc
second week of Month N Request for balance nominated in AE tokens to pay the approved bounties of month N in the forum Active bounties of the month N
Last week of month N Transfer of the AE tokens to be disbursed for bounties approved for month N Receipt of the funds from the foundation
Last week of month N æmbassadors send the proof of actions and supporting documentation of the bounties claimed Required doc as defined in each bounty description for each bounty
First week of Month N+1 Ecosystem team reviews the documentation and assess the rewards for each bounty/ ambassador Doc forwarded by æmbassadors
First week of month N+1 Ecosystem team communicates the approved quantities for each bounty to each ambassador for them to handle a comprehensive receipt with each bounty approved Mail to æmbassadors
Second week of Month N +1 Transactions are triggered from the previously received balance to each ambassador Tx Ids
Second week of month N +1 Foundation receives a report on the transactions and amounts of AE tokens (equivalent in fiat in the date of payment) and its beneficiaries along with all the supporting doc and receipts spreadsheet with data of every transaction and documentation in a shared folder in næxtcloud)
Second week of Month N +1 Foundation receives a written report of activity of the month to be publicly shared n/A

Together with the reports sent in the second week of month n+1, there will be a new request for available AE tokens balance for the next month, for the difference of the remaining amount and the whole monthly budget.

Every bounty payment will be still documented in a spreadsheet being each bounty payment a line with this data so a pivot table can be made out of it to be able to automatically extract information as the total amount received by an æmbassador in a given period, the total amount spent in a geographical area, in a particular bounty or set of bounties, etc. To do so, some fields will be added to the current spreadsheet, which contains links to the relevant documentation of each bounty.

  • Bounty group (awareness, documentation, education…etc)
  • Bounty area (dev.community,entrepreneurs/enterprise)

Status Quo

Currently the bounties are paid around the third week of month N+1. We would like to reduce this time span to the second week of N+1.

Required Work

Agreeing on a new procedure for payment that can maintain the foundation standards and reduce the average time in which bounties are paid.



Known Limitations

There is more time in which tokens aimed for bounties are held in the ecosystem team. (From the end of month n to the second week of month n+1)


We expect to increase the overall satisfaction and engagement of æmbassadors with the program.


The foundation will receive a monthly report of actions leveraged by æmbassadors.



Please let us know your feedback about this proposal, in case you agree and with your amendments / feedback we would like to start this month with this procedure if possible.(for the payment of June bounties to be paid in July)

Thænks a lot!

aembassies_program.pdf (1.1 MB)


Thank you very much @aelex for the proposal and also sharing the new aembassador plan with us.
Every community member who is interested in the new aembassador program welcome to share your opinion and discuss it in the forum. The board of aeternity crypto foundation will discuss the proposed process and the plan and give the feedback as well.


@aelex Could you please submit your Grant Application according to the mandatory template and move it to the Grant Applications.

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Hi Lidia! sure!! I will do it ASAP. I wrote it here as I thought it was not purely a grant application but a proposal to make changes in the process, still if you consider necessary to do it with the template and in Grant applications, I will gladly do it , ofc. Thænks and have a great day!

Hi Lidia! post edited to adapt it to the template and included in the Grant Applications category. Thænks!

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@aelex Thank you very much for the streamline bounties payment application. According to your application the difference in time for the payment of the ambassadors compare to the current payment is only one week. It is not clear why should it make a difference as claimed by your statement:

We expect to increase the overall satisfaction and engagement of æmbassadors with the program.

Furthermore keeping the bounties by ecosystem team for some weeks instead at the foundation can not improve the payment process.

As fast as the foundation gets the pdf report from the ecosystem team fort the monthly bounties , then the foundation can process it within two weeks and make the transfer faster. So it make a sense to make the process faster and not to distribute the bounties in different units and make an additional bookkeeping.

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Thanks @lydia! Agree that it might be a bit subjective but think that even 1 week is a huge improvement, reducing the time from the invoice being sent to the tx being made by more than 30% and as far as the closest the reward to the action, the higher the satisfaction, we made the rational for this proposal. Still, I completely understand your points, we will speed up as much as possible the current process. Thænks a lot for your consideration and answer!

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