The æternity ERC-20 AE token will become non-transferable on September 2, 2019

This article includes important information, especially for aeternity ERC-20 token holders having their tokens managed by a smart contract (Multi-sig, DEX, DeFi).

Please act now! Your tokens might become inaccessible.

On September 2nd 2019 (Unix timestamp) all aeternity ERC-20 token on Ethereum will become NON-TRANSFERABLE.

If your tokens are managed by a smart contract, for example:

- multi-signature contract
- decentralised exchange contract
- DeFi platform contract

your tokens will be locked forever and you will not be able to access them.

To avoid a more complex way to access them on æternity Mainnet after Sept 2nd, we highly suggest everyone to migrate their ERC-20 AE tokens before that date.

To migrate now, go to:

Nevertheless, there are solutions for most of the people who might miss that deadline. Please notice, that æternity is a decentralized network which is not operated by any company. Node operators and miners are free to decide if they upgrade their node software with the proposed LIMA hardfork release.

To access non-migrated ERC-20 AE tokens on the Mainnet after the successful upgrade of the network to “LIMA”, it is important to know how you have accessed them on Ethereum before September 2nd.

Current options (not final!)

a) You are the owner of your Ethereum private key and access your æternity tokens through a Software or Hardware Wallet like Ledger, Trezor, MetaMask, Trust, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask or similar.

a => Your tokens and account have been migrated to æternity, you are safe! There will be an easy way to access your aeternity mainnet tokens. A tutorial will be provided.

b) Your tokens are managed by an exchange. You don’t have any access to the Ethereum private keys and login to the exchange with username and password.

b => Please check if your exchange participates in token migration. If not, your tokens might be locked forever, if the exchange don’t cooperate with you in order to unlock your tokens on the æternity Mainnet.

c) You are an advanced user and use a multi signature contract on Ethereum, every transaction has to be signed with two or more different private keys.
d) You deposited your tokens in decentralized exchange. You login / access the exchange with an Ethereum wallet and are in control of your private keys.
e) You are in possession of your Ethereum private key but you delegated the access to your æternity tokens to a smart contract on Ethereum (example a game, token swap page, lending platform etc.)

c, d, e => Your tokens will migrate but there is currently no way for you to prove ownership and withdraw your tokens to an account managed by you on the æternity Mainnet. Your tokens are potentially locked forever!


Nice notice! I will share the Chinese translation to Chinese community in the following days!

中文版请查看链接:Aeternity ERC-20 AE代币将于2019年9月2日起不可转账



Thank you very much for this!

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Thanks to @nikitafuchs.chain we’re having a list now with AE tokens held by smart contracts on Ethereum.

Please migrate your tokens now or move them out of the smart contract into an Ethereum account

Tokens held in Ethereum Smart Contracts will become inaccessible after September 2nd and lost forever.

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lack of support from Ae team

Hey @hasdrubal, you need to have some ETH for gas fees in order to execute the transaction. As you can see you only need $0.37 of ETH. You need to buy some small amount of ETH and try again.

Let us know how it goes.


This is correct. If it is a normal account, you will not loose your tokens though. There will be still a way to migrate.

My twitter account only represents my personal opinion and i have lived in HK for many years and good friends there (and in Mainland China) but i will add this to my twitter account to be clear.

I have more than 0.37 USD in ETH wallet i lost more than 4 Tx fee to do it

As promised, here comes the solution for the token migration, it will be online in 2-3 days, you can already check out the process here:


What’s the longest that I may need to wait? I’ve waited 15 minutes a few times. I keep retrying

Hey @RyanMac4, @martingrigorov.chain or @hristiyanAE.chain will be here to help you as soon as possible :wink:

Thank you for your patience!

Yes, 10-15min should be the longest you need to wait.

Do you see an error or something?

Hi Emin,

i just treid to do the migration using your youtube tutorial. After signing the message in MEW and coying the signed message, I always received an error message that something did not work out but my tokens remain unaffected. But when I try to start the migration process again, I get the following message:

“The balance has already been migrated in the th_26…”

Waht does that mean?

Thanks for your help!

Best regards


Hey @Der_E,
Please send us your ETH and AE addresses so we can check.

Thank you,

Hi Albena,

thanks for your reply. Private Message or public?

Best regards,


However you want @Der_E, send them to me privately.

It will actually mean that you have made the migration successfully. Please check your ak_*** wallet balance and you should be able to see the migrated balance.