The Second æternity meetup Bogotá Colombia


The last Tuesday (16h April) we had the second meetup in Bogota Colombia. For the first time, Pablo Coirolo member of the AEternity board come to Bogotá and he showed us the expansion plans that AEternity has for the region and the new business opportunities. I’m very glad to meet with Pablo and work with him to grow up the AEternity’s regional community.

In addition, we’ve got a new space with the “ALTA CONSEJERIA DISTRITAL TIC” ( they are the first Colombian government institution that applies the blockchain technology in order to develop the first voting dapp for schools. They deploy it on ethereum network, but now they migrate it on AEternity network. You can check more information about it in:


Here is also a video from the meetup in Bogotá :slight_smile:

Also some more information from the æmbassador:

Questions by the audience: What are the expansion plans for the region? Why AEternity is not much known even if it has a strong team and strong product? Please tell us about real use cases where AEternity can be applied.


Hey @hayku,

Thank you so much! Wow, that is so cool - do they already have a working dapp on Ethereum or are they still building it? Tell us more about it :slight_smile:



We’ll have to get Pablo here in the Forum to tell us more about the expansion plans in Latin America :slight_smile:

Concerning the use-cases of æternity, there are so many I can’t list them all here.
However, the Starfleet projects are a good place to start:


Hola @hayku, gracias por compartir tus impresiones del meetup y por tu apoyo. TIC ya tiene la app funcional en la ted de Ethereum? No duden en comunicarse aquí en el foro para que la comunidad los conozca y reciban todo el apoyo necesario.


Hey @ae-albena, they have a working dapp now (on ethereum), but the development process was a headache, therefore they are trying to migrate it to the Aeternity blockchain, I’ve met with the “ALTA CONSEJERIA DISTRITAL TIC” to help to achieve this goal.


Hola @Nessa gracias por el comentario y el apoyo, en efecto la dapp funciona sobre la red de Ethereum, y la idea es migrarla hacia AEternity. Estaré mas activo en el foro y más aun si se habla español.



Genial :clap: :clap:

Acá tenemos espacio para todos, de hecho, para mayor comodidad, también tenemos una categoría en Español donde pueden compartir sus comentarios:

Feliz día!


That’s great news @hayku thank you :slight_smile:
Keep us updated!


Hi everyone

I’m glad to greet you all, recently I had the opportunity to meet Guillermo who is the AEternity Ambassador of Bogotá City. I currently work at Alta Consejería Distrital of TIC which is an office of the Bogotá Mayoralty that is focused in to promote eGovernment, Digital Economy and city tech community strengthening through the management and execution of programs and projects in a wide variety of platforms.

As part of this public politics, last year we implemented in cooperation with the National University, a functional prototype of a voting system based in Solidity and Ethereum that allowed near of 1300 students to vote for their student representatives at three public Schools. Likewise, this year we have replicated the exercise with one public school of 1200 students and OpenSourced the project at Github with the code name Votatoon.

Votatoon was deployed only for the elections days using an Ethereum node, as currently the Public Entities has the restriction to acquire any kind of tokens and make transactions in Blockchain mainnets. However this prototype and others that are being impemented as proof of concept in the colombian government using Blockchain test networks, allows to validate its usage and shows the importance of its implementation in many other escenaries.

Meanwhile, we have recently shared this experience at the Latin American Festival of Free Software Installation - FLISOL at Bogotá city to motivate the technological community to undertake projects with Ethereum and AEternity.

Aside of this role I have at public sector I am a Free and Open Source technologies promoter that recently meet AEternity thanks to my friend @arpunk who invited me to learn about this amazing project. In this sense, as a proof of concept, we decided to port this voting system to AEternity in our free time, taking in count the improvement opportunities that we identified at Alta Consejería TIC related to Votatoon.

Finally, as the Alta Consejeria TIC is commited to promote this technologies, we have agreed with Guillermo to enable a space and colaborate to realize the next AEternity Meetup, looking to reach to many blockchain enthusiasts and share our experience about it.

I’m sharing to you the Votatoon repository on Github: and the second edition report of elections in public schools with more detailed explanation:

Thank you


Hey @snaphuman :slight_smile: We are happy to have you here!
What you’re doing is amazing and quite exciting!
Tell us more - how along are you in porting your voting system to æternity?

If you need any development support, you can count on us :slight_smile: