[Update] Week #18 - Hybrid BRI Voting aepp


Hello everyone,

check out our last written update about the hybrid voting aepp here: [Update] Week #16 - Hybrid Voting aepp


  • optimized aepp for production use
  • fixed minor bugs in edge-cases with the aepp, e.g. notify the user if account is changed
  • better integration to choose identity providers
  • adjusted vote counting scripts to work similar on ethereum and aeternity
  • combined output of both voting count scripts to present final result and weighted average

All progress can be seen on branches in the hybrid-voting repository.

I want to strongly encurage you to check our github repository, check out way of counting votes and give feedback or open a PR if you feel anything is not correct or unclear!

If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

[Final Update] Week #20 - Hybrid BRI Voting aepp