AE Migration from ERC20

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Can anyone please tell me how to access migrated ERC20 tokens in order to send them to a wallet? I did the migration using and got my tokens sent to my AE address, but now do not know how to access these migrated ERC20 tokens, any assistance would be helpful.

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Hi Josh! welcome!! how did you get your ae address ? Your ERC20 tokens are not accesible anymore if the migration ran succesfully, instead you have your balance in the ae address used during the migration process. Let me please know if you have any doubt.

Hi aelex thank you for responding! I migrated my ERC20 AE tokens using the steps provided on

When I followed the steps on that link, it did show that my tokens were successfully migrated to public address: ak_2GNHpGpdVn593yG7X3MCRjm66NkRxUETk79PhyEahL2WVfybz

My question is now, how do I access those migrated tokens?

The transaction hash was th_c9QpBg97wjXWo45jjoXHYpFEdmQwK58nvHyKtX4vZbX73ZZSY

Thank you!

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You migrated the tokens to ak_2GNHpGpdVn593yG7X3MCRjm66NkRxUETk79PhyEahL2WVfybz where did you get that address from?

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Hi Josh!! I have the same question as @hanssv.chain … how did you created that wallet address? you should have its control / PK, otherwise there is no way to have access to the tokens.

Unfortunately I checked that address in the explorer and the balance is 0, 1k tokens were moved a couple of days ago. How did you get that address, could anyone else have access to it ?

When did you do the Token Migration? I was trying to migrate my ERC-20 AE tokens yesterday and could not get it to go through. I am curious if the migration tool is still up and running?

Explains everything you need to know about the token migration… For those who managed to miss all the four token migration opportunities we moved the tokens into a contract on AE chain and the thread describes the process to claim them.

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Hi :

The Migration webpage is down!
Is migration still possible? I went to migrate my erc20 tokens and the page is down. How can someone migrate their tokens now?

I have the same problem, I have tokens in MyEtherWallet that I would like to transfer, I had no idea about planned the migration so don’t want to waste my investment.

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Hi all is still possible to migrate?

2 Likes is still down and i need to migrate tokens too.


Good day @nick, @zach07

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Hi all. Thanks to the fantastic work done by Jeevanjot I have successfully migrated my old ae using the link of website



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Thank You!!!

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