[Completed] Aeasy.io and Aens.io improvements of the proposal

It has been nearly 7 months since the development of Aeasy.io, and it is now in stable use. Here are some Suggestions and introductions about AEasy.io and Aens.io

Application Status

Status:** Completed, October 2020
Last updated:** new on the 20.05.2020
Team:AEeasy Team (Two developments, one design)
Approved Budget (in h):
Used Budget (in h):
Planned Delivery: in ~17 weeks.

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Open Source Development

Application Title

  • AEasy.io AEasy quickly, conveniently realize Aeternity aaepp development

  • Aens.io AENS domain name browser and domain name transaction system


Bai Xin

Value Application

AEasy.io does the following

  • You can call common apis for nodes
  • You can But the implementation of data on the chain
  • You can quickly use mnemonics to get the private key, and quickly generate mnemonics
  • You can call middleware apis, such as transfer domain name list, etc
  • You can Create AEX9 TOKENS with one key
  • Deployment and use of predictive chicken (in development)

Aens.io does the following

  • Top positions of domain name tycoons
  • Number of domain names and other basic information
  • Domain name to end auction
  • Domain names by price
  • Expired domain name
  • My registered domain name
  • My domain name is about to expire
  • Domain name details include (transfer domain name, markup domain name, update domain name)
  • Register domain name

Definition of Terms

  • AEasy.io : is based on rapid Aeternity block chain (non-profit), to help developers implement aepp development work, developers do not need to close the block chain chain principle and implementation way, don’t even need the concept of block chain, can quickly stop the submitted data link, you can use AEasy.io is simple and convenient way of API calls to help you to complete the development work. Then quickly start your aepp development journey. Let’s help it out, let’s make Aeternity better,Each transaction in AEasy.io can be directly inquired through the node on the chain, following the principle of openness and transparency of the block chain

  • Aens.io : It is a powerful domain name management system, which can manage domain names, view some basic data, and list domain names. You can also quickly renew domain names, transfer registration and other operations. These operations are decentralized and the code has been open-source. Later, a trading system will be added to allow domain names to be traded over-the-counter

Status Quo

AEasy.io : Basic API can provide some basic queries of the node, and quickly implement the data chain operation, the chain operation will deduct the account ae as a handling fee, almost no money, if you have the demand for data chain and is free to the user can use this interface is the best choice

  • Gets the current block height interface,This interface can be used to obtain the latest block height of ae
  • Obtain the specific contents of the specific information on the chain, including address information, and the data on the chain, transfer amount, etc., can use the interface to obtain the data on the chain.
  • Gets the balance of the account under the corresponding address
  • Get the wallet list top 500
  • Obtain some basic data such as ae price and quantity
  • The data is passed into the block link port, and the data below 50000 length can be stored into the block chain. The block chain data can be saved permanently, which only needs to pay 0.0001ae of fuel fee, which is equivalent to no cost :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Advanced API Advanced API can provide some middleware data and aens domain name data, so that aepp can quickly access the transfer records, etc., can quickly register aens, transfer, update

  • Login by mnemonic
  • Register by mnemonic
  • Transfers between wallets
  • A record of transfers between wallets
  • Get the account balance
  • Acquire aens in auction - near the end of the auction
  • Get aens auction - the most expensive domain name
  • Gets the domain name that aens is about to expire
  • Get aens my-registered domain name
  • Get aens my - about to expire domain name
  • Update the domain name
  • Domain name details
  • Domain name registration
  • The domain name transfer

Aens.io : Now it has been stable online and has provided services for some users

Required Work

Aeasy.io :

  • Extend smart contract related interfaces
  • Extend more middleware interfaces
  • Extend the predictive machine interface
  • Work with more developers

Aens.io :

  • Add OTC system
  • Add domain name trend chart
  • Add domain name bidding system


AEasy.io : Hard to estimate, maybe 150+ hours.

Aens.io : 120 + hours.

Known Limitations

AEasy.io : At present, it has been put online stably, and now there is aepp under development

Aens.io : It’s just deployed on the same server as aeasy. I hope it can be separated

The pressure is on servers and data, because AEasy.io itself is an interface form to serve everyone, a high-performance server is necessary, and now it also integrates middleware, the data in the database has also been dozens of G, and the configuration is still relatively low at present, mainly hope that these two points can be more supported


AEasy.io : We are passionate about designing more aepp, It is an interface service platform integrating AE blockchain resources

Aens.io : We are committed to serving the domain name of the AE blockchain


AEasy.io and Aens.io Published to GitHub, And I am glad to migrate the repository to Æternity’s github.


The code will be maintained with bug fixing and new updates free of charge for at least one year after publishing it. As always


AEasy is now open source and decentralized, no longer a managed wallet. it’s great. I have tried it for a while and can complete the aepp development in 10 minutes, it is really great!


Aeasy is very friendly for people who don’t know blockchain to develop aepp. The developer also developed aens.io Thank you very much.


Nice work~

As Fee.chain mentioned above, aens.io is also a prospective project and I’ve added it to the AENS tools list(Is there any other AENS tools? - #3 by LiuYang.chain).

Will it be developed further?


Hi, team. Do n’t you think aeasy.io and aens.io are great projects? We need more geeks, they are the cornerstone of our world change.


这里说中文可以吗 :laughing:希望申请可以通过


你不觉得aeasy.ioaens.io 是伟大的项目吗?我们需要更多的怪胎,它们是我们世界变化的基石。


Aeasy.io and AENS.io 6666666


Nice work and will be better in the future!
愿AEers都摆脱冷气,只是向上走,不必听自暴自弃者流的话。能做事的做事,能发声的发声。有一分热,发一分光,就令萤火一般,也可以在黑暗里发一点光,不必等候炬火。 此后如竟没有炬火:我便是唯一的光。倘若有了炬火,出了太阳,我们自然心悦诚服的消失。不但毫无不平,而且还要随喜赞美这炬火或太阳;因为他照了人类,连我都在内。


I’ve known aeasy. I’m sure I love it. It’s very helpful for me


Great job, wish aeternity become stronger.
The process of growing is hard. But the value will be found eventually.


We Chinese AE developers are lovely.I love them.


Aens.io updated at 11:42:34, May 23, 2020

  1. Add a temporary password after logging in
  2. Add multi-language substitution in Chinese and English
  3. Add HTTPS certificates

aens.io 更新内容 2020年05月23日11:42:34
3.增加https 证书


That’s great. That’s powerful. The community needs friends like you!


I will attend the China community meeting at 8:00 p.m. on May 25, 2020. My favorite friends can join me in the room to discuss the development Suggestions of aeasy and aens

我将在 2020年05月25日 晚上8点 参加中国社区大会, 喜欢的朋友可以一起加入房间一起讨论关于 aeasy 和 aens 项目的发展建议


Thanks Harley!
Looking forward to your introduction, here is the link and welcome to join the second meeting!


@Markaeternity.chain Will the screen be recorded during the meeting? I regret that I may miss this online meeting.



It will be recorded and once EN subtitle is added, I will share in the forum!
Btw, the Ep01 recording with En and Cn subtitles will be out next week , thanks for noticing !



@lydia Hi, sorry to bother you. I hope you can have a look at this project


Thank you @Baixin.chain for your application. I can see that the community appreciate your contribution. I try to register but get captcha error.