Governance Aepp Launch

Hello all,

after final work, testing and adjustments on the governance aepp, we are ready to release it to mainnet. We did take in a lot of feedback from our previous testing sessions at Aeternity Governance Aepp Public Testing.

All development is open source, the source code can be found here found at aeternity/aepp-governance. The software can be run by anyone and doesn’t require any secret info or centralized services. Verification of poll results is easy and can be done publicly.

Try it out!

Open in your base-aepp to participate in polls or create new ones. Opening the site outside base-aepp will show a read-only version of the governance aepp.

We are still in a testing phase

This means, the aeternity crypto foundation did not finally decide how to take signaling results from the governance aepp into effect. Also participating with ledger hardware wallets is still not perfectly supported and may distort signaling results.

Once the aeternity crypto foundation makes an decision on use of the governance aepp, we will hear from @emin.chain in another forum post.

Next Steps

  • We will gather feedback on the current instalation of the governance aepp software and eventually make adjustments that are required.
  • We continue to work on ledger support.
  • Smaller features are still in our development pipeline to optimize the user experience.
  • We will post a guide how to run the governance software on for yourself.
  • We will post a guide how anyone can easily verify the poll results for themselves.
  • We will post developer documentation to integrate the governance aepp in other wallets.


Any feedback, wishes and other comments are always welcome, lets use this forum post as gathering of those.

Thank you and have fun!


For network reasons, it is really too slow. In Asia, the experience is very poor. Every step of the operation takes more than 15 seconds to load

I agree this is problematic, as described in the above post we will describe how to host the governance aepp yourself, so you would be able to host an asia hub :slight_smile:


We added a guide to the repository, how to verify poll results:


How fast/slow is GitHub Pages in China? Is it blocked as well @LiuShao


It is not good .I can’t connect the block easily

There is no problem with github browsing.
Github can only reach the average in China. If you download base aepp compiled aeternity.apk is only about 10-15KB / s

Will a Governance aepp shortcut be added to the Base aepp? @stoyan.chain

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@vlad.chain I already submitted a pull request to the base-aepp to add the shortcut, so I assume it will be included in the next release.


Hello all, in our efforts to improved documentation and verifyability for any user we added a reference to the open source repository and how to verify results documentation in the footer of each polls page.


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yes, this is the plan.

we are also changing how aepps are listed in there so they are an html page which is not part of the base aepp… which in turn would allow us to update the list without making a new release.


Hello all, in order to make the governance aepp more accessible and easy to use we added some explaination texts in a help & hints section:

Mobile Governance Aepp Help and Hints page:

Desktop Governance Aepp Help and Hints contextual sidebar:



Anyone can open polls in the governance aepp. Just keep in mind that for now voting with ledger is not supported.

Ahh, I am looking forward to this. :slight_smile:

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Hello, all, we did improve the governance aepp performance depending on scenario by 2x to 5x, the overall downloaded size is way smaller and most requests to the node and server should perform in less time.

Additionally we updated the documentation with instructions on how to run the server, aepp and contract yourself. Check it out at:

@Liu maybe this allows you to host a copy in china for better access performance there.


Thanks~its very easy to be banned by domain name, as you may knew :rofl:

Let me try a decentralized one later.


Any new ETA on Ledger support? :slight_smile:

@vlad.chain the updated ledger version is in review by the ledger team since some time, but no ETA given. Once this is through, we can start develop the connection which may delay by ~2 weeks.

Ledger team has made a task for reviewing/merging our PR. I just asked them if their tracking is public (or they need to let us know when it’s merged). I’ll let you know.