Introduction Thread


Thank you ae-albena for the warm welcome.

We are happy to be part of your community. We also have heard many great things about the projects from people like Steven Mckie of Blockchannel.

We also added a post in the Event/Meetup category regarding an event held in Montreal.

Again, appreciate the warm welcome. If you do have discord, we strongly invite you to join our server. We have 5 other Blockchain project among us. This allows them to have a user base for quick and easy access for feedback, beta testing and anything relating to their project. Also, slowly, we are starting to see Projects cooperate and communicate between each other in our dedicated channel for them.

Yours truly,
Stephan T.
Satoshi Initiatives.


That’s great, thank you, we’ll check out your channel for sure :wink:
Keep us updated about the meetup with Justin in Montreal!