Questionnaire about æternity Explorer (Middleware Frontend)

Hello everyone,

Recently I joined the æternity team as a product owner. I will focus on the Explorer of æternity.
It will be very useful if you somehow help me figure out your needs.

I have the following questions for our community:

  1. As an investor, what data do you want to see on an aeternity Explorer and why?
  2. As a developer, what features would you like to be included in æternity Explorer and why?
  3. As a user, what features would you expect to be present in æternity Explorer?
  4. As a miner, would you like to have some features included in æternity Explorer and which ones?

As a user, I think the first impression is very important, so in addition to some necessary functions, I think a good-looking UI or a unique style of UI is very important.


As a miner I would like to see the list of 1000 richest owner.


The community needs a lot of publicity materials such as: pictures, animations, copywriting.


how is that related to the explorer?

here a few points from my side:

As investor

  • I want to see stats about the network usage / growth (accounts, transactions, contracts, AE burned via AENS, …)
  • I want to see the current price and a pricechart of AE
  • I want to see the marketcap of AE

As developer

  • I want to be able to verify my own contracts
  • I want to be able to interact with contracts by calling their entrypoints (read&write)
  • I want to see if a 3rd party contract is verified and see its sourcecode

As user

  • I want to be able to search for:
    • accounts
    • contracts
    • transactions
    • names
  • I want to have a good overview about my account
    • see the tx-history as detailed as possible with the most important info already included in the list so that I don’t need to click into each tx to see some tx specific details
    • see the all the balances (AE and AEX-9 tokens) I own
      • I also want to see the dollar (or other currency) value of the tokens and the total dollar value of all tokens
    • see what accounts/contracts have approval to send AEX-9 tokens (I also want to be able to remove that approval)
    • see the AENS names I own
    • see which AENS names expire where I need to take action (should be quite prominent somewhere)
    • see the state channels I have opened and the amount locked in the state channel
    • see the history and the state of the state channel (updates and other actions like slash, solo/mutual close, …)
  • I want to be able to extend AENS names and manage the name pointers
  • I want to be able to transfer AENS names
  • I want to see the running auctions and be able to place a bid for an auction
  • I want to see if a contract is verified
  • I want to see information about an oracle (queries and responses)
  • in the future I want to:
    • see info about gas prices (currently not that relevant but in the future)
    • see the NFTs I own
    • be able to transfer my NFTs to somebody else

Yes, you have a point there


I think it is necessary to publicize AE’s technology and prospects through online news channels to attract more developers and supporters!


we should stay on topic here. please open another thread if you want to discuss how AE is doing marketing or make some proposals in that regards. no need to comment this again here in this thread. thanks!

  1. I would love to be able to see how quickly new micro blocks are mined and in general see some numbers about the network health.

Also I want to get a quick impression of the token æcosystem and how many AEX-9 tokens/soon NFTs are being actively used within the network. The latest Name auctions should be visible.

If possible there should be previews of all of these on the dashboard and I shouldn’t have to click on any sub-pages to get a quick impression of the network status.

A different color scheme might help to make the interface more attractive. In general make it more colorful, more lively, as the network grows with NFTs and we are looking to attract a bigger non-developer audience to check out token stats on the explorer now :slight_smile:


I think is a very good ae explorer。And includes most of the features mentioned above; you can bring product requirements to Dr. liuyang @LiuYang.chain 。Actually I think the ae is missing play to earn dapp。We lack applications that attract users to use and consume ae。Ethereum is expensive and layer2 defective; all public chains are fighting for Ethereum users.If you are a product leader; should consider strategic aspects; look the higher



The applications are essential nowdays, let’s build!


Agree, many people are using AEknow. There speaks nothing against taking these requirements mentioned here and provide those as features in other explorers.

This thread is - of course - mainly addressing which might be rethought completely at some point. Currently we are still working on making most important data accessible that is provided by the middleware.

The intention is not to make AEknow or other explorers obsolete. It is to collect general requirements and be able to build a great explorer. Ideally we have multiple great explorers in the aeternity ecosystem :wink:


  • please don’t use this thread to make proposals about what products and aepps we need. open other threads to make proposals or just build the stuff you want :stuck_out_tongue:

I think directly copy eth browser interaction is ok, their functions and users have been used to, the function is also more general


@szuwar Which infos would you like to be included in the reachest owners list?


As a curious user, might also be interesting to know which address holds most of the .chain names.


As I already pointed out that It is not easy to find test-net middleware host and gave suggestion to provide transaction inspection through middleware on block explorer

From above response…


what exactly would you expect from the middleware? too much room for interpretation here IMO. what information do you need in the explorer?


It would be great that if explorer can provide hyperlink of the transaction pointing on middleware.


just to let you all know → a lot of work has already put into the “new explorer”. we’re aiming to provide a functional and (IMO) very cool MVP before Christmas! the dashboard with live-data updates is almost finished :slight_smile:

we’re currently discussing the “brand name” of it. I remembered some branding vote for the middleware which didn’t really make sense to apply there as it’s not a “typical” product for regular users.

we thought about applying the name which won back then to the new explorer. the winning brand name back then was indæx (or indÆx).

over the past days new names were suggested and so we currently discuss following names:

  • indæx / indÆx
  • scæn / scÆn
  • scænner / scÆnner
  • æScan / Æscan
  • æternity explorer
  • æxplorer

what do you guys think? should we do another governance vote about that?


Thanks for noting this topic and bringing this back.
Also, one simple version of brand name could be just Æscan