AE core node onboading

Our current plan for the onboarding covers the following topics:


Those represent basic knowledge for the system that is crucial in order to dive deeper:

  • tools and networks - what is testnet, what is mainnet, what wallets are out there, why we need them, middleware web page and etc.
  • system architecture and startup - AE node is a multi-application software and follows the OTP approach but still it has its own solutions regarding how different applications are setup and started
  • blocks and headers - BitcoinNG, block structure, header structure and etc. Initial accounts in genesis block also are discussed
  • serialization - aeserialization lib - IDs, RLP, structures serializations (with a strong focus on fork awareness), Base58c vs Base 64 encodings
  • transaction fundamentals - signed and unsigned transactions, spend transaction, account’s tree
  • mining - cuckoo cycle, tx pool, micro block generation, transaction fees, miner rewards, BRI
  • stratum - how it works ( optional )
  • MPtrees - Mtrees, MPTrees, DB, GC
  • http - internal and external endpoints, swagger, validation of requests


Describing how nodes sync from the network, how they gossip new transactions, how they share peer lists and so on

  • coordinator - aec_chain & coordinator processes, how blocks are validated, executed and consumed
  • p2p protocols - sync protocol, peers lists, gossip


Discussions around different transaction types, strong focus on why certain decisions were made

  • oracles - mechanics, transactions and trees
  • names - mechanics, transactions and trees
  • contracts & calls - mechanics, transactions and trees
  • channels - mechanics, transactions and trees
  • generalized accounts - mechanics and transactions

State channels

A deeper dive in AESC reference implementation of the off-chain protocol

  • FSM - FSM, chain watcher and noise sessions; if this can be broken into a couple of smaller discussions - that would be great
  • WebSocket API - client facing interface, discussion around how it is intended to work; log examples

Smart contracts

A deeper dive into AE’s smart contract system

  • Sophia language - a language overview with a focus on why certain decisions were made
  • Sophia compiler - implementation details
  • VMs - AEVM & FATE, primops

After the foundamentals’ section is done, the rest can be done in a parallel.


Here is my overview of the system architecture re. configuration and startup. The recording of the presentation was unfortunately unusable.

PDF: ae-system-architecture-and-startup-200724.pdf (810.5 KB)

LibreOffice: ae-system-architecture-and-startup-200724.odp (248.8 KB)

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Here are my presentations as well:

aeSerialization.odp (23.5 KB)
Blocks.odp (55.5 KB)

Videos will be uploaded by @sergiimaksiuta.chain and shared here

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Sophia presentations:

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Transactions fundamentals presentation:
Transactions.odp (20.0 KB)

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Names onboarding presenation:
AENS.odp (22.1 KB)

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Mining presentation:
Mining.odp (18.6 KB)

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Here is my first presentation on State Channels (process structure, basic intro to key processes and a ‘gentle’ intro to the FSM).

State channels onboarding 200806.odp (2.3 MB)
State channels onboarding 200806.pdf (2.6 MB)


Oracles’ presentation:
Oracles.odp (19.4 KB)


State Channels on-chain tx handling presentation:
State channels on-chain onboarding 200807.odp (703.5 KB)
State channels on-chain onboarding 200807.pdf (516.5 KB)